Surveys and bird counts

Operation Rainbow Roost

  • Date Thursday, 23 February 2023 - Wednesday, 1 March 2023
  • Time 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
  • Locations The greater Perth Metropolitan area
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Rainbow Lorikeets are wreaking havoc in Western Australia

Rainbow Lorikeets are a declared pest in WA, and their numbers have exploded since their introduction in the 1960s, increasing from 10 individuals to over 40,000.

  • They are a threat to local, declining species, such as the Red-capped Parrot, Western Rosella and Australian Ringneck
  • They displace other birds from tree hollows, negatively impacting black-cockatoos
  • They have the potential to spread avian diseases to native bird species
  • The Department of Agriculture and Food, WA estimates that Rainbow Lorikeets damage about $3 million worth of commercial fruit crops each year in south-western WA.

Simply register to take part in the Operation Rainbow Roost survey and you’ll receive instructions and a site to survey. Please be aware registrations close on Thursday 16 February 2023. Each roost site will be counted once during this period.

Where can I take part in this survey?

You can take part in this survey in and around the greater Perth Metropolitan area

Protect WA by reporting Rainbow Lorikeets

A key focus of Operation Rainbow Roost is reporting Rainbow Lorikeet roosting sites.

Estimating the number of lorikeets attending roosting sites is useful to calculate the overall population of the species in south-western WA and understand more about the scale of the issue.

  • You can volunteer to conduct a sunset Operation Rainbow Roost count.
  • Any sightings of Rainbow Lorikeets from across the outer Perth Metropolitan Area are useful. If you see some, please submit a survey in Birdata. 

Other ways to help

  • Don’t feed Rainbow lorikeets.
  • Cut back the dead leaves and stem bases on your date palm and cotton palm trees to reduce Rainbow Lorikeet nesting opportunities.
  • Never release a Rainbow Lorikeet from captivity.

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