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What is a nest monitor?

A volunteer nest monitor typically commits to tracking the progress of nesting birds over the breeding season.

We aim to build a complete picture of specific breeding birds or nesting sites over an entire breeding season, which may entail weekly visits over the peak breeding months.

We understand that not everyone can spare so much time, so we are looking for some volunteers will be able to share monitoring duties. We encourage participants regardless of limits on their availability.



As a White-bellied Sea-Eagle nest monitor volunteer, you will:

  • Observe, identify and count known active White-bellied Sea-Eagle nests
  • Monitor a nominated nest – or several nests – over time
  • Provide data about breeding activity and threats at breeding site/s, or flocking or leg flag details
  • Estimate the age of nestling/fledglings,
  • Record sightings using the online Birdata portal
  • Assist with additional research projects
  • Successfully complete online induction training (required for all participants)
  • Where possible, attend a BirdLife Australia training workshop and/or one-on-one training with experienced staff/volunteers.

About the opportunity

The White-bellied Sea-Eagle nest monitor opportunity is based in Victoria’s East Gippsland region. Its primary aim is to identify active nesting sites, locate new nests, and monitor active nests.

Your role as a White-bellied Sea-Eagle nest monitor is crucial. By participating in our program, you’re not just helping us conserve significant White-bellied Sea-Eagle sites, but also raising public awareness of this vulnerable species. Your observations provide the best possible estimate of where and when White-bellied Sea-Eagles are reproducing.

White-bellied Sea-Eagle nest monitor Volunteer Requirements

Volunteering in our White-bellied Sea-Eagle nest monitoring program is a rewarding experience. You’ll be part of a team that plays a vital role in conservation. And the best part? Anyone can be a volunteer – whether you’re retired, a school leaver, or have some spare time.

Our only requirement is that you have experience identifying and observing birds and that you have a valid form of transport.

Who is the Program suited to?

Anyone with a shared love and respect for White-bellied Sea-Eagles should volunteer. This includes:

  • Bird enthusiasts
  • Experienced birdwatchers
  • People who live near a coastal area
  • Citizen scientists and conservationists

This is an opportunity to volunteer to monitor the nest on an ongoing basis. If this interests you, please complete the form below.

East Gippsland White-bellied Sea-Eagle nest monitoring Volunteer Opportunity

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